SMST 2021 Frequently Asked Questions

Who should participate in SMST?

Any middle schooler in grades 6-8 can participate! SMST is perfect for students passionate about math and science!

What are the technical requirements to participate?

You will need a computer that can reliably access the Internet and connect to Zoom along with speakers/headphones, microphone, and webcam. Tablets and mobile phones are not recommended. Please email us if you have any questions about this.

What do I need to form a team?

Teams are 4-6 people, including yourself. It is advised that you choose teammates who you will work well with. To register as a team, each individual fills out the registration form and must be in agreement about the team name and who is on the team.

How can I prepare for SMST? What can we do as a team?

You can do some practice problems. Click here to access our sample questions. Also, make sure teams are able to work together to solve problems.

Can parents attend the tournament?

Parents and other household members should not be in the room during testing, if possible. They are prohibited from providing assistance to participants regarding test material. However, they are welcome to attend the Closing Ceremony to recognize high scorers.

What topics do I need to know for the tournament? What kinds of questions are there?

The tournament covers general middle school level science and math, including aspects from grades 6-8. The tests are mostly multiple choice along with several short answers.

What do I do if my question is not answered here?

Feel free to send us an email at We will get back to you as soon as we can! We may also add your question to our FAQs!

This sounds interesting! How do I sign-up?

Registration for SMST 2021 is now closed. Go to our homepage and signup for our mailing list to recieve updates on future SMST events!

What will the tournament look like?

Our tournament will be held via Zoom, and participants will receive links and individual schedules to compete synchronously with their team. This year’s virtual tournament consists of individual math and science critical-thinking tests, a team problem-solving test, and a mini-design challenge. There will also be various lab demonstrations and activities interspersed throughout the day along with screen breaks. At the conclusion of the tournament, we will have a closing ceremony to recognize high scorers.

What are the awards?

We will recognize high scoring individuals and teams. We will give overall awards in addition to grade-specific recognition. The specific award structure will be announced before the tournament.

Do teachers need to be involved in the tournament?

In a normal year, we do ask that teams have a parent or teacher act as a coach to attend the tournament with their teams; however, given the virtual nature of this year’s tournament, teachers will not be able to join their students during the competition. However, we hope that you will share this opportunity with your students and other teachers.